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TFO (Télévision Française de l'Ontario) Documentary

October 20, 2010, from 39:14 min

Un invitado especial en la Gala Latina

Sus obras son muy apreciadas en Francia y en los Estados Unidos, donde el artista ha expuesto en más de veintiuna oportunidades...
2009, Presentia Latina, Hamilton

Exposition rich in lights and emotions [In French]

His presentations are as figurative as they are symbollic, while he works on cultural roots.
2006, Lesconil Semaphore, France

Frantz, a Haitian painter at the Banque Rhône-Alpes [In French]

His ingenuous view is on a fabric retailer, a female seller of bananas, a tired old man, a female hairstylist or cook, who all perform their jobs to the fullest. This outlook stems from large humanity, that demonstrates the joy and pain of an existence that is not always easy. ...
2001, Grenoble, France

Frantz paints in the purest haitian tradition [In French]

The basements of the castle are a privileged place where the colors of the tables blend well with the rock...
1998, Château de Pont-l'Abbé, France

Figurative and abstract: Frantz expose at the Port-à-Fôret [In French]

His last paintings distinguish by the colors largely dominated by the white, invite spectators to serenity...
1998, Salle d'exposition de l'ANPLF, France

Colors of life: Frantz Jean-Baptiste's exhibition [In French]

Frantz Jean-Baptiste however paints in the style of a great artist often inspired by African art ...
1996, Château de Pont-l'Abbé, France

Frantz Jean Baptiste et Wanglish Michel en duo

A la limite de l'abstraction lyrique et géométrique, il reprend les codes d'organisation spatiale des paysagistes marins sur fond blanc...
2002, Atelier Jérôme, Haiti

Lights and colors of Haiti [In French]

Very optimistic and calm, the artist gives impressioon of a person who found his inner peace. Harmony of colours in his painting reflects his inner image...
2001, Grenoble, France

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